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ADVA represents more than 100 companies in the field, with diverse backgrounds and trade profiles, that have shared goals; mainly to encourage and promote the national industry of game dev. These companies, including Globant, Etermax, NGD Studios, Senscape, The Other Guys, OKAM Studio, 3OGS, QB9 Entertainment, Dedalord, Willdom, Sismo Games and Ravegan, among others, represent 95% of the total sales of the field in Argentina. All of them are established companies devoting their efforts to export high added-value products and services.


Bolivian Game Developers is a non-profit association looking to promote and push the videogame industry in the plurinational state of Bolivia.  Currently we established collaboration with universities, private companies and government offices.


abra games

Founded in 2004 by a group of development companies, Abragames, the Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers, emerged as a non-profit organization, aiming at strengthening the Brazilian game developing industry. It is an association of developers for developers.



VG Chile is the Chilean Association of Game Development Companies. It was founded in 2010 by the first Chilean companies of the industry. In 2013, it also became the Chilean Chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

VG Chile was created to promote and support the industry of game development in this country. VG Chile aims to connect local development companies with the global market, and to collaborate with relevant, industry-related public and private actors.

Currently 44 companies are associated to VG Chile, which represents more than the 75% of the Chilean companies in this sector.





The Costa Rica Video Game Developers Association (Asociación de Desarrolladores de
Videojuegos de Costa Rica, ASODEV) is a non-profit organization made up of companies and professionals that work in video game development. Our main objective is to promote and drive local industry development and to support all initiatives that may benefit our associates.


el salvador

The El Salvador Video Game Association is in its early stages and in the process of legal
registration. We are a non-profit organization made up of about 6 independent studios, a
publisher/distributor, a video game academy and independent developers dedicated to video game development. Our main objective is to support studios, independent developers and people involved in the country’s video game industry.





The Peruvian Video Game Companies Association (Compañías de Videojuegos Asociadas del Perú, CVA Perú) is a non-profit association made up of the country’s most important
companies, which was created to promote the Peruvian video game development industry both locally and internationally.

The association is currently working with government entities,
private agencies and educational institutions that have become major partners in the fulfilling of its goals. If you want to learn more about this association



IGDA Paraguay (International Game Developers Association, Paraguay Chapter), is the Paraguayan association of videogame developers, created in 2014 with the aim of promoting the rationalization, development and protection of the Paraguayan videogame industry. The association brings together programmers, designers, musicians, artists and technicians of all kinds, who are dedicated to the development of video games, or intend to do so.

IGDA PY is currently engaged in numerous activities, in order to develop joint projects, game jams, conferences, seek employment opportunities, scholarships, state support, promotion of Paraguayan video games, and all kinds of benefits for the members .


CAVIportadaFounded on December 2016 with the mission of promoting the industry. With 20 companies and over 100 professionals, the association is supported by both public and private institutions expecting growth from this thriving economic sector. Success stories such as Kingdom Rush from Ironhide Games and Bullet Boy from Pomelo Games have helped bring further support to the local industry.