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We are proud to announce that the Latin American Federation of Video Game Developers (Latam VGF) has obtained a historic partnership with GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE of 110 scholarships for GDC 2019.

This amazing joint effort will grant opportunities to the less represented sectors of the industry in Latin America.

The Scholarships will be handled by the 11 associations that form the federation, and each country will receive 10 scholarships.

Below you’ll find the links for each country, please notice that in the following days each association should be updating their websites with the information.

ADVA (Argentina)

BGD (Bolivia)

Abragames (Brazil)

VG Chile (Chile)

COVA (Colombia) 

ASODEV (Costa Rica)

AVES (El Salvador)

AMDV (México) 

CVA (Perú)

IGDA Paraguay (Paraguay)

CAVI (Uruguay)