LATAM Indie Games Awarded in GDC week at San Francisco

By Juan Carlos Mariño (redactor at Latam VGF)

Last week, the city of San Francisco was filled with veteran and newcomer developer talents from all around the world participating in talks, workshops and meetings at the Game Developers Conference , Game Connection America and The Big Indie Pitch from Pocket Gamer events.

These venues offer a hard to miss opportunity for game developers to engage in conversation with their peers and share experiences and knowledge, and also a shot at showcasing and pitching their games and ideas.

In the midst of these events, four latin american indie studios stood out in three of the events.

At Game Connection America, mexican developers HaiKuSTUDIO won the People’s Choice Award thanks to their first game, A Rat’s Tale.

They were also nominated in the categories Most Promising IP, Best Story, Best Console Game, Best Hardcore Game, Best Quality Of Art and Best Indie Game.

A Rat’s Tale follows the eponymous animal, called Mat, who tries to find his way back home to his beloved, Nat.

The game is focused on exploration from the small animal’s perspective, turning a common household into an area filled with dangers.

Also at Game Connection, Argentina based studio Killabunnies received the Best Mobile/Tablet award for their latest game QUADRADIT, a puzzle-solving game for tablets and smartphones in which one of the main mechanics is screen rotation.

QUADRADIT was also nominated in the Most Original Game and Best Casual Game categories.

Inside the Game Developers Conference, The Stonebot Games Studio from El Salvador, achieved the 1st place at The PC Indie Pitch with The Last Friend, a tower defense and beat-em up mashup set in a post apocalyptic future, where the main objective of the player is to protect a van full of dogs.

The PC Indie Pitch’s format consists of five minute talks with a panel of experts where the developers can showcase their unreleased games, get direct feedback from the judges and have a chance of winning prices that will help them on the long game development road.

Also during the GDC, the Independent Games Festival took place, and argentinian studio Nonsense Arts won the event´s Audience Award thanks to the puzzle game Ethereal, which can be found on Steam, Humble Store and

The game was also nominated for the Excellence in Audio category.

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