The representation of the Latam industry on the Game Awards

By Juan Carlos Mariño -Latam Video Games Federation-

Last December’s edition of The Video Game Awards was an excellent showcasing for talent and hard work poured into 2018’s best videogames.

Among the nominated and the awarded, stood Celeste, a pixel art platform game from developer Matt Makes Games which counted with the participation of MiniBoss, a brazilian game dev studio tasked with creating the art for the project.

Photo: The Game Awards

Celeste winning the awards in the Games for Impact and Best Independent Game categories saw the members of MiniBoss stepping into the spotlight and being the main representatives of Latin America in the event.

MiniBoss is formed by Pedro Medeiros, Amora B. and Heidy Motta, and is entirely based on Brazil. Besides their work in Celeste they have also worked in games like Out There Somewhere, Deep Dungeons of Doom and Towerfall, the last one also in partnership with Matt Makes Games.

The studio thrives in working in partnership with other artists, musicians, programmers and studios, and while they are not currently open to hiring, they are really open into sharing their passion with the community, something that is made evident through a small tip for beginners in their own website and their blog, where Pedro posts useful pixel art tutorials every week.

photo: Miniboss Facebook fanpage

Taking a closer look to the latin american scene one can find diamonds in the rough in the form of young developers and artists, many of them participating in events like the once in a year Global Game Jam, using the experience to team up and learn about each others’ craft.

The professional industry in the region also benefits from the visibility acquired thanks to studios that made residing on their own countries part of their identity.
Good examples of that are Ironhide Game Studio, Etermax, Aquiris Game Studio, LEAP Game Studios and others that made their way to Steam and mobile platforms play stores.

We live in a time where talent can be shared all around the world, where shared efforts can give birth to wonderful ideas, regardless of geographical location, benefiting artists and developers through cultural exchange and ideas.

It is no longer mandatory to leave your country behind if you want to create a game, it can be done abroad. It is not easy of course, but partnership is the keyword in all of these endeavours, Miniboss’ work on Celeste and their appearance at the Video Game Awards can  certainly vouch for that.

All in all, Latin America has a lot to offer to the videogame world, it just takes a little bit more of exploration to find the talent you might be looking for

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