Latam Video Games Federation


San Pablo – Brazil. June 29 th.– Latam Video Games Federation was founded by the main Latin Game Developers Associations that represent the companies, studios and entrepreneurs dedicated to the development, promotion and growth of the video game development industry in Latam region.

Latam Video Games Federation is a unique economic and political union between 11 Latin American countries that together cover much of the continent.

Latam Video Games Federation was created in 2015. The first steps were to foster cultural and economic cooperation: the idea being that countries that co develop with one another become stronger together  and so more likely to compete internationally.

Latam Video Games Federation represents:

ADVA (Argentina)

BGD (Bolivia)

Abragames (Brazil)

VG Chile (Chile)

COVA (Colombia)

ASODEV (Costa Rica)

AVES (El Salvador)

AMDV (México)

CVA (Perú)

IGDA Paraguay (Paraguay)

CAVI (Uruguay)


Latin America is an extremely rich region – both in terms of natural and cultural resources. Talented individuals are everywhere and constantly growing, but we need help to take the next step and become a strong, flourishing industry.

Today, our challenge as culture producers focused in video game development, is to share our work with the world and at the same time be exposed to the world’s knowledge to learn from its success and failures. This is why, for our community,  participating in prestigious international events like GDC, GCA, Gamescom, E3 is vital for our survival.

It is important to single out the fact that the authorities of these entities were elected by direct vote of their association’s members, which guarantees a democratic representation of the sector.

Among others, the most outstanding games launched  worldwide and developed in Latin America are:

  • Trivia Crack (Etermax – Argentina)
  • Master of Orion (NGD Studios – Argentina)
  • Ark (Efecto Studios – Colombia)
  • Horizon Chase (Aquiris Game Studio – Brazil)
  • Agar.io (Brazil)
  • Kingdom Rush (Ironhide – Uruguay)
  • Bullet Boy (Pomelo Games – Uruguay)
  • Kerbal Space Program (Squad – México)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Bamtang Games – Perú)
  • Fhacktions (Posibillian Tech – Paraguay)
  • Headsnatchers (Iguanabee – Chile)
  • Rock of Ages 2 (ACE Team, Chile)
  • Omen of Sorrow (AOne Games, Chile)


Quotes of the Presidents of the Latam Video Games Associations that belongs to the Federation



  • Latam Video Games Federation will foster the sharing of knowledge and experiences among the local devs to make us grow faster and stronger. It’s a great momentum for our region and the titles released along with what is coming next will testify the capacity of our studios, Sandro Manfredini, President Abragames (Brazil).



  • The game development industry in Latin America not only has a good track record of exporting services with high quality standards to companies from all over the world but it has also been bringing to the players of  the world great games that have proven not only to only our skills to develop strong international entertainment properties but also our skills to develop great business. Games like “Kingdom Rush” (Ironhide, Uruguay), “Horizon Chase” (Aquiris, Brazil), “Kleptocats” (Hyperbeard, México) and “Trivia Crack” (Etermax, Argentina) are some of the many examples of success that the investment in local talent. The Latam Video Games Federation is working to help the Latin companies keep bringing great games to the world, Martina Santoro, President ADVA (Argentina).


  • To grow a strong game development ecosystem in Latin America, and give the deserved visibility the LATAM videogames deserve, it is essential for the local associations and groups across the continent to join forces and gather strength together, Juan de Urraza, President IGDA Paraguay.


  • As a fellow developer, being able to collaborate to become a stronger and more meaningful region in the gaming industry is an honor. I hope we can create a place where anyone can join, dedicate and live (properly) from developing the games they love, Leonardo Valderrama, President VG Chile.


  • I’m happy that I have had the privilege to see the LATAM video game industry grow over the years and achieve great things, high quality companies with amazing people producing great games. And now with the Latam Video Game Federation, I’m incredibly excited to see what amazing things we can achieve on the years to come, Diego Rodriguez, President ASODEV (Costa Rica).


  • The union of Latin American associations is the first step to the strengthening and positioning of our industry for the world, a shared happiness among 11 countries and hundreds of companies represented by Latam Video Games Federation. We are sure that this union will enhance our capabilities and improve our exportable offer, converting us in an excellent option within the video games industry, Francisco Diaz, President CVA (Perú).